I build with quality materials and even a base price instrument is of good quality. Rosewood fretboard, adjustable truss rod, bone nut, Ebony adjustable bridge, pearl markers, Englemann Spruce and Maple neck and rim. Mahogany truss blocks. I will use other woods as requested.

  There are upgrade options available such as more visually stunning woods, smoother tuners, more resonant soundboards, carbon fiber reinforcement, enhanced decoration, upgraded fretboard materials,  various finishes(sealants), ect. My standard finish at this time is a hand rubbed Urethane. My upgrade is French Polish which adds another 30% to the instrument. I am no longer offering Lacquer due to health and sound dampening issues. I  tend to lean away from heavy decoration such as inlay, binding ect. These items about double build time and cost, I want to build affordable instruments for everyday people like myself.I am proud to offer K&K Sound pickups which I will install discretely during construction. They have a fabulous natural sound that I have been very happy with. No extra cost for the fitting, contact me for cost on the particular pickup.

  I do require a deposit to begin an instrument. This is earnest money that is part of the agreed purchase price, and will be deducted from the final balance due. Typically this deposit is 20%.   Balance due will include shipping and insurance, I only charge what the carrier charges and prefer USPS at this time. Most "traditional" instruments will include a case, any custom or unusual design that does not have a case available in the public domain will not have a case supplied with it.I will attempt to supply a good quality gig bag, so there is a carry medium.New products are coming along all the time, so I keep hoping for more varieties of cases.

 My instruments are guaranteed life. This is the life of the original purchaser or the life of myself, this warranty is not transferrable. I am happy to do adjustments, setups or upgrades (at my discretion) for as long as you own the instrument; as under my previously stated guarantee.  If you have any problems or desire upgrades, please return the instrument to me. If there is failure, I will fix or replace the instrument and pay the return shipping. If there are upgrades you only pay parts and shipping. If the instrument shows signs of neglect or abuse the repairs and shipping will be on your dime. We can discuss all this; many things can be agreed upon if people are willing to communicate.  I will take your check, but of course it must have time to clear before I ship to you. US funds only please. Credit cards are accepted through Paypal. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas, quotes, theories or suggestions.

I prefer to be

in dialogue  with you so we can select the


choice for your needs.

Keith Edward Coleman


Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

This is a Bobolock Fiberglass case sold locally by Robertson and Sons Violin Shop, They are beautifully appointed and really protective . They run about $300.00, but will last as long as the instrument will.  I do not sell them, but you can see Robertson for one. I do reccommend them.

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