Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

Keith Edward Coleman

Pro sound, quality installation.

​David Holtcamp 2016.

Two point back with French Polish sealer.

F-1 Purple Amber.

F1  with Urethane Sunburst.

    Irish Bouzouki 2015

      Irish Bouzouki 2015

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T3 Natural

T-3 with Upgrade tailpiece

and Urethane finish

Highly figured  back on Tenor Guitar

w/French Polish. Russett Burst.

Side view of Celtic Mandolin.

Cherry and Spruce. Urethane finish


  #1 2009

Mandola 15" scale

w/oval sound hole x bracing

Pumpkin burst F1

2 guitars, 5 mandolins one Tenor Guitar in shop

Irish Bouzouki with naturtal French Polish finish

There are SO many designs! I typically work within a certain range because I have to make a different form for each instrument. As a result I build Mandolins, Mandolas and Octaves on the A, T and F model platforms.  I also do a Celtic mandolin and Bouzouki. Archtop guitars are along the lines of modern jazz guitar as are the jazz Ukuleles. Plus I do Trad. Ukuleles and other ethnic instruments. Bottom line is, I can and do build in a variety of styles. Let me know what you need. (we'll talk). Different configurations, different decorations, and different materials. All will yield a very different and very unique instrument.