Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

Keith Edward Coleman

Working with the wood, nurturing the materials, taking them to a point where carving and tuning equate into a nearly living harmonic being. The sum is greater than its parts......

Copyright 2018  Keith Edward Coleman. All rights reserved.

A collage of work in progress.

Sometimes messy, usually technical,

ALWAYS  amazing.....

From inception to completion, I craft from scratch to make an instrument worthy of putting my name on. This "sole authorship" may not mean that much to you, but it is important to me. This handcrafted aspect does become evident in the feel, sound, balance, playability and appearance..

My instruments are handcrafted from wood  seasoned and specifically supplied for musical instruments.  I prefer the personal investment of sole authorship, although I do use pre-made tuners,some bridges, fittings and strings.