Harry Hart's "Irish Angel".  

Joyce Meck 3 point classic mandolin.

Brian Nixon 3 point mandolin.

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Hannah Neville and her Custom colored F1 Mandolin.

Heather O'Shay Pumpkin Piccolo Mandolin.

Chrystal Copeland of "Breaking Blue."Pumpkin Burst F1 Mandolin.

Dan Otero of "Fourty Four Forty" and his Custom Birdseye Maple Mandola.

My current focus is carved archtop instruments in the Mandolin family (mandola, Octave mandolin, Bouzouki) . Flattop  Instruments start around $650.00 and Carved archtop instruments usually start around $775.00.  I also make instruments such as Ukuleles and guitars. Cost will depend upon size, flat or archtop, etc. They usually start around $500.00.

 I have been building instruments full time since 2009. Prior to that the work was part time dating back to 1995. I have worked in fabrication of metals, woods, plastics, sealants, lacquers and  paints for 20 years. I have played guitar and bass for 40+ years, mandolin since 2008. I have played in a couple of groups, did some recording, led worship at church, and recorded some  compositions on my own through the years.  Music is and has been an integral part of my life. I find it fascinating and enduring. There would be less trouble in the world if there was more people involved in learning and sharing music!

 I craft musical  instruments, I focus on hand carved archtops and backs .

Utilizing old school and new school techniques and materials. Sound is the primary pursuit, but along with that is playability and beauty. My work is made in America, and is influenced by the writings of Robert Siminoff, Tom Bills, Robert Benedetto and William Cumpiano. Their writings, lessons and experience have been invaluable in educating others in the art of Lutherie. I have been fortunate to create for and learn from some wonderful talented musicians. Their needs and wants have helped me to learn so much. My desire is to offer an affordable and attractive instrument with a sound all its own. 


My thanks to those who have invested in me and supported my efforts:

Wendy Coleman              Kevin  Sturgeon             

Hannah Neville                 Myles Friend           

Chrystal Copeland of "Breaking Blue " Band

Jim Lavy                          Dan Otero of "Fourty Four Forty" Band.

Carmine Russo               Jorge Lucero of "Cielo Los Rumberos"

Chris Morosin                 David Guzek         

Penny DeRose               Heather O'Shay

David DeRose                Robert Snyder

Joyce Meck                    Paddy Kerr of "Naimh Ni Charra Band"

Encore Music                  Apple Mountain Music

Brian Nixon                    

Joyce Meck                     P. Haddock

Mark Hommemen            Jay Jones

Harry Hart                        David Holtcamp of "Let It Grow" band

Peter Braccio                   Pennsylvania Bill

Crafting full time utilizing my skills, experience and education.

            Jay Jones Octave Mandolin.

Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

Keith Edward Coleman