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Keith Edward Coleman

David Holtcamp Instrument review 2016.

This video is produced by one of my customers  and presented on you tube. ​

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for your particular wants, needs and dreams,,,,,,,,,,,.

Handcrafted musical instruments with: Style, size,  venue, appointments, coloring, tone, genre, materials, investment, All to your liking, or to meet experience and tradition.

Handcrafted for sound and beauty

  • Jumpin Fences0:00
  • Things to Change0:00
  • Calif Redwood 20140:47
  • 2 point Mandola 20131:01
  • First Mandolin 20090:50
  • F model 20140:42
  • F model 20110:50
  • Tenor Guitar 20130:48
Quality Traditional Materials and
eye catching appearance.

Recognized materials and techniques, both old school and new> Culminating in an instrument that is both beautiful and sweet to the ear. Timelessness at the moment........