Luthier and Archtop Instrument Maker

Keith Edward Coleman

David Holtcamp Instrument review 2016.

This video is produced by one of my customers  and presented on you tube. ​

JULY 2018:       Keith wishes to thank all his long time customers and friends for their continued support.

At this time he will not be accepting any new commissions of work.

If this situation changes we will be posting on this site.  Thanks.

Copyright 2018   Keith Edward Coleman. All rights reserved.

  • Jumpin Fences0:00
  • Things to Change0:00
  • Calif Redwood 20140:47
  • 2 point Mandola 20131:01
  • First Mandolin 20090:50
  • F model 20140:42
  • F model 20110:50
  • Tenor Guitar 20130:48
  • Closer Walk 1.12:35
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